Using your Chromecast built-in audio device.

To start using Chromecast built-in with your audio device, connect your audio device to a Wi-Fi network using Music Center / SongPal, then download Chromecast-enabled apps to your mobile device.


See Compatible models and check that your audio device is Chromecast-enabled.

How to connect your audio device

See here for details on how to connect a device.

Download Chromecast-enabled apps and enjoy music

Download Chromecast-enabled apps from Google Play or the App store to your mobile device.

Start a Chromecast-enabled app and play back music.

Tap (Cast button) and select the audio device. The Cast button will turn , letting you know that the audio device is connected.


If you play back in the group (Wireless Multi-room), create a new group using the "Google Home" app. For details on creating a new group, see here.

Music will be heard from the audio device.


For details on how to use Chromecast built-in, follow the links below.

Chromecast is a trademark of Google LLC.

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